Dr. Munoz, serves as an Expert Witness, most often when the cases cross one or more boundaries between areas of medicine.

Examples include the following:

  •  An 86-year-old woman riding on a community bus was injured when her vehicle was struck at high speed by another car. She was hospitalized and then suffered another 4 hospitalizations over the next 2 years.  Each of her hospitalizations was in part related to her original injury but at different percentages.   In addition, consequences of her injuries accelerated the natural course of her aging and mental deterioration.  This case was settled out of court.
  •  A 72-year-old man suffered complications from his anesthetic, becoming confused and resulting in a respiratory arrest eventually requiring a chronic ventilator and artificial feeding support. He developed a rectal cancer with ulceration and was too high of a surgical risk to operate.  His family brought suit when he passed away, citing untimely death.  This case was settled out of court and required a detailed distillation of the various infirmities together with their trajectory.
  • An 82-year-old woman was admitted to the hospital with a fractured hip that had occurred sometime before. She eventually was placed in a Skilled Nursing Facility where she rapidly developed an infection and sepsis.  Transferred back to the hospital she passed away.  Her family brought suit for wrongful death.  Conditions present in her case were traced up to the point of death with attributable weighting of the contributions.
  • A 46-year-old man was cited for inappropriate public behavior costing him his job. It was assumed by the investigating officers that he was intoxicated.   In point of fact, while he had consumed some alcohol, he was taking 3 separate medications for his pre-diabetic condition which combined to drop his blood glucose to a dangerous level, causing him to behave as if he was intoxicated.  A jury acquitted him of any wrong doing.